Longing for the vacation

As you all know I am going to Hawaii with my two daughters during the holidays and I am so excited. Yesterday I finally finished all the work for the schedule during the holidays so that we can go on our trip without me leaving all my clients on hold. So everyone who is in need of some laser therapy before christmas is getting a session. I was very clever and decided to only have sessions the week before, so that everyone who needed a session can feel fine during the two weeks when we will be on our vacation. A lot of my clients usually comes in for one session each month, of course depending on what kind of treatment they need. Other clients may wait six months or so. So it depends on the customer, but everyone who wants one per month is getting their session before the holidays or directly after the new year has begun. So I am very satisfied with how it all ended up. Now I can just continue to plan everything we are going to do and feel the stress leaving my body.

So now it soon time to go to Hawaii and I am so happy that it really turned out this way. Two whole weeks where we are going to swim, learn how to surf and backpack around the different islands. I am not sure yet on how many islands we are going to see. When I have read about the different islands it says almost everywhere that you really should have time to explore an island, and be there for a week or so. So I am a bit unsure on how we should do it, two or three islands. I think that four island might be to many, and we don’t want to spend to much time traveling while we are there. We want to enjoy the time so perhaps we only will do two islands so that we can enjoy doing nothing. No I don’t really know but right now that’s where my heart is at.

Otherwise there hasn’t been anything new happening in my life. It has been a lot of work since I was sick, and then also a lot of work to make the trip happen. So I haven’t been able to do anything more than work. But it feels okay since we are going to Hawaii soon. I am not sure if I have time to post anything more before the trip, but otherwise I will update you guys when we are home again!

Happy Holidays!

Ready for Hawaii vacation