Back from Hawaii!

The beaches was beautiful!Hi again guys! Sorry for being so late with my next update, but I’ve been so busy with work and working out (yes, I now work out) so the site had to suffer a bit. However, now I’m back to the every day life and I feel like I have the time to tell you a bit about my trip to Hawaii. I went with my daughter and we had a great time! Again, thank you all for the wonderful tips!

So, I’ll try to tell you a bit of what we did. The first two days we mostly just went around and enjoyed ourselves by looking at the surrounding and chilling at the beach. It was really nice and we took a lot of baths in the ocean! The sand was just as white and smooth that I’ve hoped and yes, I got to see a beautiful sunset!

On the third day we took a simple course in surfing, since we both really wanted to try it out sometime. My daughter got the hang of it quite quickly, but I preferred the beach without a surfing board. I just fell and fell and fell, so I didn’t quite get thrill of it. But at least I tried and it was fun the little time I could stand on it! Although I think my daughter got a taste of it so now I probably need to get her a surfing board somehow… Maybe she could do snowboarding? We’ll see.

So later we also took a lesson in diving and snorkling. It was really nice to see whats under the surface in the ocean. We saw a lot of small fish and a few other creatures down on the bottom. At first I got a bit scared and didn’t really want to be in the water. I mean, it’s a bit spooky what’s under there! But then I calmed down. It’s interesting to see how much I, as an adult, can be triggered and at the same time my young daughter is completely fearless… When did I become old?!

However, most of the trip was just relaxing and enjoying the vacation. We both really want to do it again soon, so we’ll se where to go that time. I’m not sure, but I’ve always wanted to visit Rhodos… Well, we’ll see where the future leads us! Now I need to get ready since I have work to do. Just figured I could stop by here real quick and give you guys an update. Take care!