What is LT?

Here i thought i would give you a short introduction to what Laser Therapy really is.
Laser therapy is a sort of medicine that some people use as an alternative. An alternative medicine is a sort of medicine where a practice is said having healing effects like a medicin, but there isn’t any scientific evidence gathered from scientific methods. Laser therapy is used by low-level lasers or LEDs, therefore it is often called LLLT (low-level laser therapy). You can use laser therapy for many areas where you might have some pain or something that you want to fix.

instead of this take laser therapySome of the things you can use laser therapy for are: pain in your back, neck, shoulders and knees. You can also get it if you have different problems with your teeth or even acne. This sort of medical treatment is of course something that i always will be positive to. Not only since i work with, since i know that it works! Keep following my blog to learn more about laser therapy and how it works!