This is my first post here at my blog Walt. I have never had a blog before so this will be a completely new experience for me. As you might have read in the About section my name i Marcus Anderson and I am a laser therapist. It is not always what i have been working with, i actually just came across this form of therapy when i myself had an injury. I had some severe pain in my neck after to many hours in front if my computer and it seemed like nothing would help me get better.

But after searching online i found out about laser therapy. I admit it, I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, but after a few times I actually felt a huge different in my neck. I was no longer stiff and could move my head in every directions again. And that’s when my interest to make laser therapy known started. I am very engaged in making this happen. I don’t like that most people walk around with pain in their body, and often you only get a prescription on pain killers. I didn’t think that the pain killers helped me, and i definitely didn’t enjoy to put that many different pills in my body at the same time. So i started to look for a different kind of medical treatment that wouldn’t hurt the rest of my body while i was trying to get better. Let me explain what I mean with this. While your consuming pain killers your body gets more and more used to it and it can actually affect your body negatively also. When the body gets more used to it it could mean that the next time you take a pill, it will have gotten so used to this kind of medication that it will not have any affect. So i have been trying not to use any medication when it’s not necessary.

With laser therapy there are no side effects but you could get irritated, anxiety and flushing occurring in the area where you have been treated. I thought that it was worth trying since i didn’t want to keep putting pills in my body without noticing any change. I do believe that there could be some people out there who has gotten side effects of laser therapy, but the only experience I have from it is with people who has used it in a way where they want to change their appearance. So since i only have experience of using it to prevent people from severe pain i can only recommend it in that way.

I understand if you, like me, are skeptical to this kind of treatment. But if you don’t need any treatment you don’t have to like laser therapy. You could simply just follow me on my blog and read about my everyday life, because i am not planning to only wright about laser therapy. I am going to write about me, my life, my family, a common day at work and much more!

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