Going for a vacation

Hello again everyone. It’s been a while again since i last wrote here. As you all know i was sick for a week and got a bit behind on work. But know i am back on track and it feels amazing. I have actually been planing a trip also, so it was very important for me to fix the schedule so that everything is on time again. I have been playing some poker lately but not much, and i came across a bit of a bigger win. So i am planning on going to Hawaii with my daughters.

Hawaii has always been a dream for them to travel to and especially to swim with dolphins. So i am using the money i won to plan the trip of their dreams. I am also looking forward to it so i can relax for a week and knowing that i have it planned. Not like when i was sick and everything got messed up. I am hoping that we will be able to go there over the winter holidays, but you can never be sure.

So this morning i have been doing mostly administration work so that everyone who needs a therapy session gets one before the holidays. Usually i am closed during the holidays but if someone really needed a session i have been seeing some of my customers in the days between Christmas eve and new years eve. But now they will have to get one session before and one after new years eve. So as you can tell I have a few pieces to put together so that everything works. It’s a month until Christmas so probably i will be able to do it.

Otherwise there haven’t been so much other stuff happening. I would like you to help me, if you have some tips of what you should visit and do on Hawaii, places to stay, anything! Please contact me, I would like to make this trip as good as i can. We haven’t been traveling so much in our family so now when we are going I really want it to be a great experience for everyone.

I have been going through some FAQ on the website gohawaii.com to learn some basics and so far i have learned that the major airport is the Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu. Therefor I have been looking for tickets to this airport, if it is the biggest it probably has the most flights connected to it so that was part one. According to GoHawaii most major domestic carriers and many international carriers serve Oahu, so i will probably find some good ones i believe.

I also learned that through November to February is the big surfing season on Hawaii so I am thinking that we should learn how to surf while we are there. I couldn’t actually think of a better way to spend Christmas. And it feels good that now that is my year to have my daughters, that I can take them to Hawaii. That was all for today!


What I did when I was sick: slept & gambled casino

Hello again, it has been a while since I wrote here. But you all know that I caught a real man cold and it actually had me home for the entire week. So last week I had to make some extra time for some of my clients who really needed one of my sessions. I was sick between Wednesday to Sunday and I really had a hard time. As I wrote before in my other post I become really restless when I am sick and I think it is really hard to be home and don’t do anything. But I managed this time also. I am not usually sick so much, but when it happens I often get really really sick for days. And that was what happened this time also. Therefore I haven’t really had the time to post on my blog since I have spent more hours in the office than usual.

Tips: things to do when you’re sick

But I will give you a few tips on what I did to survive my almost week inside haha!

Sleep, eat and watch movie

On Wednesday I didn’t do much actually. I was so tired that I only watched a movie and slept for the entire day. But often you easier get healthy if you listen to your body and don’t do a lot of stuff just to do it.


The second day was Thursday, and I was still feeling bad. And that day I did something I haven’t done in a while. I played poker all night. Yes I know that I shouldn’t have done that, and that it might seem weird since I told you all about my problem with it. But I actually had some really old fashion fun when I was gambling this time. I visited a site that was new for me, called casinoomega.com and it was really nice! Im not gonna write so much about this but it certainly had some casinos that I hadn’t heard about earlier. So I spent a few hours gambling and then went back to Wednesday mood and watched a movie and slept.

Casino chips


On Friday I was feeling much better so I decided to take a walk and get some fresh air. And I will tell you that really was something! I felt so much better after that and went home for a nice breakfast and a cup of tea. It was so good to be able to eat for the first time, well I have eaten of course but something else than soup and food like that. To eat crispy bread again with cheese and ham on was amazing.

When healthy again: meet the loved ones

Saturday and Sunday was even better so I could go in to town. It was so nice to see people again and to get some nice salad. I met my daughters for a lunch and we had a great time. On Sunday I mostly had to fix everything for the coming week and schedule all the clients that wanted to have a session as soon as possible.

So as you can see I didn’t do much for that week, but hey, you need those days also. And now I am healthier than ever and happy again!

Of course you can do many of these things when you’re healthy as well. If you like gambling you can check out casino reviews at casinoomega and choose a great casino where you can play popular games like slots, roulette and black jack.

not the best day for me

Good day everyone.

I hope you are having a better day than me. I have catched a real cold, a real man cold if you know what i mean. So i have not been able to work today, and probably won’t do that for the rest of the week either. So I had to start the day with calling my receptionist and ask her to cancel all the customers for the day. So everyone who was up for a laser session had to be cancelled since I could not make it. Otherwise some of my other employees can do the first meetings where people only wants to now more about laser therapy and perhaps book a session. So from this day and for the rest of the week I have cancelled all sessions. Of course i might be able to do it later in the week but I think that it is best for the customers also that i am completely healthy when I do the sessions with them.

So i asked my receptionist to call all the first meetings that are scheduled for next week and se if they would like to do it already this week, so that i could fit in some extra sessions next week since i can not make it now. Otherwise they will have to wait for a couple of weeks and that is not good for either me or the customer. So hopefully they will call me later today and have a new schedule for me.

Now i need some help from you guys. What am i gonna do when i am home and sick? I just do not know what to do. Today i went out of bed and had some breakfast. It took so long for me to make it today, i had no energy left. But i ate some greek yoghurt with berries and a cup of coffee. But my throat is bit sore so i think i will drink some tea instead during the day. One of my colleagues came over with some hot soup for me to eat for lunch and cough drop pills. But now when Christoffer has left I do not know what to do.

I have my computer that i can work some from which i have been doing this morning. Writing on the Facebook page that there is no sessions this week and trying to reach out to my customers so that they will know what is going on. But now i will have to do something else. I think that i will start by watching a movie but i have a hard time to just lay down and do nothing while I am sick. I always want to be active so to be sick is something that is really testing my patience. – 469

So now i will try to watch a movie and drink a hot cup of tea to make my throat feel a bit better. At least i have spent some time by writing this post now haha!