Going for a vacation

Hello again everyone. It’s been a while again since i last wrote here. As you all know i was sick for a week and got a bit behind on work. But know i am back on track and it feels amazing. I have actually been planing a trip also, so it was very important for me to fix the schedule so that everything is on time again. I have been playing some poker lately but not much, and i came across a bit of a bigger win. So i am planning on going to Hawaii with my daughters.

Hawaii has always been a dream for them to travel to and especially to swim with dolphins. So i am using the money i won to plan the trip of their dreams. I am also looking forward to it so i can relax for a week and knowing that i have it planned. Not like when i was sick and everything got messed up. I am hoping that we will be able to go there over the winter holidays, but you can never be sure.

So this morning i have been doing mostly administration work so that everyone who needs a therapy session gets one before the holidays. Usually i am closed during the holidays but if someone really needed a session i have been seeing some of my customers in the days between Christmas eve and new years eve. But now they will have to get one session before and one after new years eve. So as you can tell I have a few pieces to put together so that everything works. It’s a month until Christmas so probably i will be able to do it.

Otherwise there haven’t been so much other stuff happening. I would like you to help me, if you have some tips of what you should visit and do on Hawaii, places to stay, anything! Please contact me, I would like to make this trip as good as i can. We haven’t been traveling so much in our family so now when we are going I really want it to be a great experience for everyone.

I have been going through some FAQ on the website gohawaii.com to learn some basics and so far i have learned that the major airport is the Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu. Therefor I have been looking for tickets to this airport, if it is the biggest it probably has the most flights connected to it so that was part one. According to GoHawaii most major domestic carriers and many international carriers serve Oahu, so i will probably find some good ones i believe.

I also learned that through November to February is the big surfing season on Hawaii so I am thinking that we should learn how to surf while we are there. I couldn’t actually think of a better way to spend Christmas. And it feels good that now that is my year to have my daughters, that I can take them to Hawaii. That was all for today!