Great day today!

Hello and welcome back all of you who are reading my blog. Today was a really good day for me. I started as usual with some working hours at my job at the clinic. I also participated in an interview with a local reporter from a radio station. But let’s start from the beginning.

A day in Marcus’s life

The bell rings and it is time for me to go up for a new day. For breakfast i always drink a large cup of coffee, and i always make enough to take some with me in my thermos mug. As you can tell already i drink a lot of coffee. I eat two slices of crisp bread with cheese and ham, one boiled egg and a bowl of quark and granola. To start of the day with a big meal is something i have to do gain energy for the entire day.

I go to my car and off to work it is!

We are now at my office and ready to start the day. The first half hour i only do more of administration work, i check which patients i am going to have for the day and make sure that everything is alright.

It is time time for my first patients to meet me. Sometimes it is a regular and if it so we have a session. Otherwise it could be someone who are interested in what laser therapy is and if it works for their problem, and then we have a first meeting instead where we discuss for an hour what the patient wants and if i even can help the person.

Coffee break! With my beloved colleagues. Since it was Friday today we also had some nice muffins from our closest bakery. We get a special order every Friday and we then sit down together for about 20 minutes to chat and have a nice time.

After our little coffee break i have another couple of meetings with patients until it is lunch break.

It is time for lunch! If i haven’t got any food with me i usually go to a nice restaurant just down the street. They have very nice food there, it is always healthy and it feels so fresh to eat there. I have a rule in the office and that is that i have banned fast food. Yes. If you want to eat you have to do it at the fast food restaurant, you can take it with you. It is a way to keep the atmosphere more healthy at the office. And nobody has been complaining so far. And the people who ate a lot of fast food before now says that they have gained so much energy of real food instead.

My last hours are spent with both patients and doing some administration work again. Before it is time to go home for the weekend!

My two daughters came home since it my week with them. So for me it has been a really good day and when they now have come home to me it couldn’t be better.

So now it is time for me to eat som dinner with my daughters and then have a family weekend.
Hoping you will have a grea weekend!

/ Marcus