How I began playing casino

Hello everyone!
I have decided to tell you guys why me and my wife got a divorce. When I have read my own blog I came to think that it is only happy posts in it so I have now decided to also have a post about something that isn’t that great. Today I don’t feel so bad about us breaking up, of course if everything worked between us we would still be a couple but there is not a happy ending for all couples out there. The biggest mistake I made all those years ago was actually that I lied to my wife. A lot of times I have asked myself if we would still be a couple if i hadn’t lied to her, and perhaps we would. That is something that I will never know so I have moved on from that.

Okay, back to the thing. I started lying to my wife because i got sort of a gambling addiction. I didn’t loose all our money or something like that. I didn’t loose anything at all actually. I got a casino bonus from an online casino and started playing at casinos when I still had the video shop. I did it a lot to kill some time and when you started winning it was really fun. But I did it behind her back and i never told my wife that I spent so much time gambling. And when she found out she was devastated. She was really scared that I would loose all our savings when I actually had put a lot of money form my gambling in to the savings. We started fighting over this and it just kept on going. She wouldn’t accept it while I meant that it gave us a lot of money. So in the end we decided to split up since we couldn’t get pass that point where we fought over anything.

I still gamble today, even though it didn’t work out that great last time. The gambling is something precious to me since it allowed me to open up my laser therapy reception. I know it is bad to do it, but I have realized that it wasn’t the gambling itself that was the problem. It was that I lied about it for so long and that we no longer had any trust in the relationship. So for a future relationship I have promised myself to tell the truth from the beginning.

I know it sound a bit depressing but everything is fine now. And I thought that I would end this post with my favorite site right now. The latest trend in online casinos is free spins and a couple of weeks ago I found a new one. It is called and almost everyday you can find a new offer on a site that has a free spins offer. So if you like me like to gamble, check that site out! I don’t want you to think that this is something that I do daily. It is more of a hobby, and I never do it when I have my kids. I don’t steel time from other things to play, I play when I have some time over and feel like I want to play. Hope you don’t get a bad impression of me now!

/ Marcus
Casino gambling is one of my interests